Foto Challenge – Zwycięzcy konkursu


Kategoria: EKO-Śląsk


1 miejsce: Antoni Osiejuk

The perspective I chose for my picture had grabbed my attention because of the surprising contrast between the natural and the industrial. In the background you can see the Spodek arena and the usual Katowice city centre traffic, but we can choose to look at it from a different perspective, through the flowers, symbolising the new – more ecological face of our region.


2 miejsce: Maja Lempart

My photo was taken in a specially dedicated ecological area called Geosfera. In this unique place in Jaworzno we can find different kinds of plants not easy to come across. The pasque flowers presented in my photography are no longer present in the natural habitat of Poland. I captured a moment of the golden hour – a short period before sunset which gives the magnificent warmer temperature of the daylight.


3 miejsce: Aleksandra Woszczejko

Romantic sunset at the lake next to Perugia ? No, it’s not Perugia but Pogoria – 1 of 4 so called “Pogoria Lakes” situated 25 km from Katowice. The lakes are water-filled basins from historical sand quarries. The sand was mostly used as the backfill material in the regional coal mines. The oldest lake dates to 1940s. The water originates from the local river Czarna Przmesza. I took this picture near mid-summer night this year. Parts of Pogoria have a status of the “nature and landscape complex” within the legal framework of the protected areas of Poland. You can relax there, roller blade, scuba dive or sail. There’s a place for every nature lover.


Kategoria: Śląsk – tradycja i nowoczesność


1 miejsce: Błażej Michalczyk

This photograph has been captured during my evening bike trip. I simply took my camera and drove around to find a good spot for photos. I think that best photos are taken spontaneously. This town is full of historical places mixed with new buildings, because the city is continuously evolving.


2 miejsce ex aequo: Błażej Michalczyk

This one has been also captured during a bike trip. “Spodek” arena is the characteristic sign of Katowice and it’s inseparably linked to this town.Now, the new building of International Conference Centre is also very famous, so the contrast between them is the best definition of tradition and modernity.


2 miejsce ex aequo: Katarzyna Śliwińska

The Museum of Silesia is an excellent example where traditions and modernity are united! The location of the museum in the formerly associated with the mining industry reminds us of the significant role of industry in the region. Former coal mine is a unique mine of culture and art. The Culture Zone and the park surrounding it provide an excellent space for educational activities, film shows, music festivals, sports tournaments and family walks. Here is a combination of tradition and modern design which was the inspiration for this contest. Although the weather was not perfect, I think the picture fully reflects the Silesian climate and reminds us of our region’s heritage.


3 miejsce: Ludovic Stauffer

Night view on old building about to be demolished between Spodek, Oko Miasta and NOSPR concert hall. Katowice on its way to modernize its city center!


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